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Documentation. Lots of documentation.

The documentation of all things HZW has the following philosophy:

  1. General information, processes, methods and how-to's get documented in this Wiki
  2. Physical and Logical Resources like Servers, IPs, Networks, Services, VLANs etc. get documented in Netbox
  3. Projects and changes get tracked using Kanboard

Organizational Documentation


Our primary tool for communication and coordination is matrix.

To join our matrix server matrix.kabelsalat.it you need a matrix client like riot.

On this Matrix server, there is the "hzw admins" channel.

Plase report there and ask if it's ok If you make changes that have an impact.


"Hey guys, did $Something at the Database server. Can I reboot it to test it's reboot persistency?"

Answer: "No! $Important-thingy does $important-thing and cannot be disrupted right now! Wait one more hour please!"

Video Conferences

For means of faster communication and collaborative working we use our video conferencing solutions, if needed.

There are no regular hzw meetings. We get together when the need arises.

Coordinate projects

We use kanboard to plan, coordinate and track almost all of our activities.


Please open a ticket in our Kanban Board "team_hzw" if you want to:

  • report a bug
  • request a change
  • think I would be cool to have $thing (even if you don't want to spend time implementing it or don't know how to do it)

Technical Documentation

Our Root Server

We are unsing a Root Server hosted at Strato.

See HZW Root Server for details.


We are using Grafana as a Monitoring solution.

See the HZW Mointoring article (german) for details.

Virtual Machines

All virtual Machines providing services (e.g. not for testing purposes) should run a linux operating system and have had the basic ansible playbook run on them.

We currently support the following OS'es:

- debian{9,10}

- centos{7,8}

- opensuse


In an attempt to more efficiently utalize the ressources of our server, we are going to deploy services using docker.

Currently supported containers:

- none



We are using Netbox to document all physical and Logical Resources like Servers, IPs, Networks, Services, VLANs etc.

What is Netbox?



Some of our services are LDAP integrated, the nextcloud at nc.kabelsalat.it for example.

Our LDAP Server is based on FreeIPA and configurable via VPN at

The admin credentials are in the shared keepass.

Official Documentation of the tool: phpldapadmin documentation

The use is quite self explanatory, at least for the common tasks like adding users or managing group memberships.

You can also use the openldaptools and .ldif files to modify the ldap database.

See: Openldap#Werkzeuge

Or you can use the Linux Software Apache Directory.

If you do, please document how to use it here.


Guide to documenting with Mediawiki

Guide to documenting with Kanboard

Guide to documenting with Netbox

Also you might want to check Category:HowTo for interesting how2's