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Work in progress
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Some old version of node_graph

Node Graph is an interactive 3d data visualization tool that runs in your browser.

The idea is to provide a general purpose research tool that lets you analyze and correlate data.

All development kudos goes to BGS.

Proof of concept

You play around with a proof of concept here.

It gets the point across, however does not use the actual code that is currently in development.


State of development

See: MVP

MVP 1: Create Database Scheme ✅

MVP 1: Create Backend

MVP 1: Create Frontend

MVP 1: Build feature to display data via webinterface ✅

MVP 1: Create a HUD / GUI ✅

MVP 1: Create "Add node" Feature

MVP 1: Create "Add link" Feature

MVP 2: Change "Add link" Feature to contain a list / search for links

MVP 2: Add "edit node" feature

Technical details

Node Graph is using the 3d-force-graph library that is based on Three.js.

Three.js is using the WebGL Standard to render 3D objects in your browser by directly accessing graphic card resources.

All projects are open source.

WebGL, Three.js and 3d-force-graph use the MIT License.

Node Graph uses the GPL-2 License.



Database Structure

Method of development