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Welcome to wonderland

Hackzenwerk is a collaborative platform that allows people to use their creativity without being hindered by administrative hurdles.

It provides services that people need in order to work together and create things.

In this wiki you can find information on Hackzenwerk itself and the projects using it.


Here is a list of things we already have and others, that are planned.


  • An Environment to host as many servers as we need
  • Tools for Communication and File Sharing
  • A Documentation System
  • A monitoring and alerting system


  • Educational Courses... spread the Know-How

The Team

The people behind Hackzenwerk are the team HZW.


If you decide to join Hackzenwerk, you will have access to a lot of Services.


If you want to see the knobs and bolts forming Hackzenwerk, have a look its Documentation.

Projects using Hackzenwerk

Linux is Lego

LIL is (going to be) a Podcast about the GNU Core Utils.

Project unspecific articles

Yes, this wiki is also used to document more general things.

How do I use this wiki?

RTFM: User's Guide

Admin tasks: Mediawikicheatsheet