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Remember... all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

As a user of the Hackzenwerk infrastructure you have access to varios services.

"You take the blue pill...the story ends,

you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill...you stay in Wonderland,

and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." ~morpheus


Some of the many virtual machines we have

If you want to host something in the HZW Infrastructure, we can arrange that.

Don't do illegal stuff, we dont want to have our hardware confiscated or end up in jail.

You will be provided:

  • A KVM virutal machine with linux - reasonable resources depending on the thing you want to host
  • A kabelsalat.it subdomain of your choice
  • TCP ports 80 and 443 forwarded to your VM (if you need others, please let us know)
  • Your server will be added to our Monitoring

If wanted, we can backup your VM on a regular bases.

Only full backups, only one version.

The VM will have a few minutes of downtime during the backup, so make it reboot persistent.

The backups are stored on hidrive after being pgp encrypted.

Project Management

Kanban Board

We host kb.kabelsalat.it - a Kanban Board based on the software kanboard.

Here you can plan and manage your own projects or participate in projects like the HZW environment.

We are not perfectly happy with kanboard, however it is the best free kanban solution we know right now.

We do have a List of must have features of a kanban software. If you know any better software, let us know.

CICD (Git & Jenkins)

a cup of tea, sir?

We host cvs.kabelsalat.it - a Gitea instance.

Gitea is git, with a cup of tea.

It can be combined with Jenkins.

Our Jenkins is only reachable via the VPN.

Video Conferencing


We currently host two video conferencing solutions.

Video.kabelsalat.it is a BigBlueButton - we recommend that, as it is the most feature rich and stable one.

If for what ever reason you cannot get it to work properly for you, you can use meet.kabelsalat.it - a jitsi server.



We host Kabelsalat.it - a Podcast Hosting Plattform

It is built around a Wordpress Multisite and the Podlove Publisher.

If you want to publish a podcast, we have everything you need to get going :)



We are hosting nc.kabelsalat.it - a Nextcloud. It lets you store, share and sync Data across your devices.


We can Provide you with an openvpn certificate.

The OpenVPN gateway will let you access the HZW network from inside.

Very confortable :)


Riot web app

We are using matrix as our primary communication tool.

You can either connect your matrix clients to matrix.kabelsalat.it or you can use the riot web app in your browser at chat.kabelsalat.it